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Property Marketing and setting up a plan for it makes all the difference

Every property is different and needs certain details for the home to lease or sell. The property needs to be added to our Multiple Listing service that extracts the property out to all the major Real Estate sites and Brokerage sites.

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Linkedin, and Twitter are also big players to getting a property looked at and closed. You need have to have a large following to get views. I personally have 15,000 followers and growing on social media.

I have a team that works on my social presence daily and gets me seen and getting more followers daily. This really gets my clients faster results and for full price in most cases. The home above just was put on the market after we had made a detailed marketing plan for it.

A agent called me this morning and we are receiving and offer for it today. The Home below we had listed for 10 days and put it under contract.

We also have a CRM system that markets all out properties and keeps them on the top of potential buyers mind. Last night we had an open house for one of or lease listings and 12 people showed up. 3 of them are filling out applications to lease the home. 

Here are some of our current homes we leased for top dollar in 4 days 

Lastly an agent needs to pick up the phone and answer it when it rings. I get a lot of calls everyday, but I must take them in order to get my clients the best results. 

Get our Flat Fee listing service and save both time and money. We have a listing service that gets your home shown and has all the bells and whistles you need for it to get sold! Call me
 216-703-5740 with any questions EXP Realty also in Arizona call 602-363-6551 EXP Realty Arizona

FLAT FEE listing Get me the details 

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