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EXP Realty and why you need to look at the difference as a Realtor

You really need to look at the difference that EXP Realty can make in your business. Do you think that you under payed as a Realtor? Are you making enough money for your business? If you say yes to any of these questions then you need to look at EXP Realty.

What is the difference in EXP Realty and all the other brokerages?  There is a big difference in income streams and EXP's belief that the agent should make more money! How do the do that?

First every agent that joins gets a 80%-20% capping at $16,000. That is not just for seasoned agents its for all agents. It benefits agents that already have a business but getting more money and ones that have just started in the business.

Their stock purchase program allows you as an agent to purchase stock at a discount. You can apply 5% of your commission check to purchase stock at a discount. I personally have amassed  a lot of stock that has created even more income for me.

EXP Realty is in all 50 states and already has 20,000 agents in the brokerage. Remember EXP Realty is the only brokerage that is all under one company. EXP Realty employ their brokers and that makes a huge difference in my business. EXP Realty allows me to run my real estate business like I want to.

I have had brokers that have not liked my Flat Fee Full Service listing. http://soldyourhomefast.com/. With EXP Realty I have gotten a lot of listings with the Flat Fee listing. That gets my signs out and I get a lot of buyers from those signs. It also gives me credibility in the business as a listing agent.

Their is also a business for recruiting new agents in EXP Realty called agent attraction. When you bring in a new agent to join EXP Realty you get money for that also. Every transaction your recruit does EXP Realty pays you up to 3.5% of their commission amount up to $2800. Understand that no money comes out of the agents checks, the amount is paid from EXP Realty direct.

You also receive stock when you cap, First transaction, and when you agents when you recruit does their first transaction. Does your brokerage do that?   

I can personally say that my income is up over 2 times what I made when I worked for the other brokerages. I have been a Realtor for almost 20 years and I have never seen anything like EXP Realty!

If you join EXP Realty with me you will learn all the ways I personally market myself and generate 6 figures year end and year out. Let me help you create a real estate business that makes you have the life you want.

Call me I'm Brett Icon Agent with EXP Realty 216-703-5740 in Ohio and if your in Arizona I really need someone to get listings going.

Want a Brokerage that pay's you? 

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