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Want to jump start your real estate business? Let me help

Getting your real estate license and making a career of of it takes some time and know how. Buying and selling real estate basically takes knowledge. The key is not to waste either, but to get productive from the beginning.

EXP Realty has all the tools to do just that if you know how to use them. I personally use almost all  the tools EXP Realty offer and understand how they help me generate business. I need agents that are hungry and ready to get their real estate in high gear!

I will also show anyone that joins my team how to blog, create websites and do social media. I post everyday and it generates me business and gets me new clients. The key is knowing how to market and follow up.

There are also many other income sources you can get being a licensed real estate agent. I will teach everyone on my team how I generate consistent business and get ICON status doing it. We will be having meetings 2-3 month to learn the process and help you get more clients and understand other ways to generate commissions.

Being a Realtor for almost 20 years now I have seen all  the different real estate markets and how to profit from them. The key is knowing all the different venues in a real estate market. For example my business rents 6-7 homes a month. How do I do that and get listings every month for these homes? I also sell that many home and have a special listing system also.

You want to boost your real estate career and learn the EXP Realty Difference? Let me show you how EXP Realty is different than all the other brick and mortar brokerages. How you can keep more of your commission while making more! They also let you build a retirement plan with their stock program. Do you know any other brokerage doing that?

Check out my book at http://attentionrealtors.com/ where I share some of the avenues I use to market my real estate business.

Want to join a team that you get yo keep all your commission and still get support being on a team? When you generate your own deals you keep all your commission. This is not a traditional real estate team, I want you to make money!

Lets have coffee and learn the new and exciting real estate business waiting for you at EXP Realty. Call me I'm Brett 216-703-5740 ICON Agent 

Want a Brokerage that pay's you? 

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