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Real Estate Investment Strategy: How to create income

Real Estate investing can be one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. That is why you really need to look at your business plan and get a good strategy put together. That strategy includes a team of professionals that are both licensed and experienced. 

There are a lot of real estate investors that use our services and get great results. We understand the income real estate business, because we are investors too. 

Building a solid portfolio requires purchasing real estate that creates both equity and income is the first part. 

The second part is rehab and knowing how not to spend to much money and still getting top rents.

Third is leasing the property for top dollar. That requires great rehab and cutting edge marketing of the property. 

Forth part is the most crucial and that is property management. Taking care of the life of a property and keep it making maximum income throughout it's life.

We have all those services under one roof. We have been doing investment real estate since 1985 and have one of the best real estate services in the nation. Below is a video that we send our clients every week for their rehab updates. We create these videos until the property is completed, we have thousands of videos on these types of updates. 

Keeping our international and out of state clients informed keeps their minds at ease and they know what is done on  their real estate.

I also personally create a real estate market update video for my clients every week. It goes over the current real estate market and what the trends are.

How do you create income with real estate? By having a team of professionals help guide you to the best properties available in today's real estate market. 

Need to get your income plan looked at by a professional? Call me I'm Brett 216-703-5740 ICON Agent for EXP Realty and a real estate investor since 1985. 
You can also text "income" to 1-937-529-0765

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