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Under the Roof News Letter: Real Estate news eXPLAINED (2019 1 year ago)


Under the Roof News Letter: Real Estate news eXPLAINED





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Real Estate in December good or bad



Every year I hear the same thing over and over that December is not a good month to sell homes. It simply is not true I have personally sold a ton of real estate in December. In fact the best months of my entire real estate career was in December. Buyers are serious ones if their looking at homes during the holiday season. 

There are a lot of factors of coarse into selling at home.  But basically comes down to one thing and that’s the price of a home visit to High?  Just yesterday I got an offer on a home that was priced right and it was a full price offer. I had 2 other buyers that wanted the home right after we 

 I met with another client yesterday and he decided to lower his price on his home to the market value of what was selling. Good news today is we have two people looking at it and will probably get it sold rather quickly.

People who buy homes in December, usually get a great deal if you know where to find them and look at the homes that people want to sell. For example yesterday we picked up a nice house in Lyndhurst Ohio for a ridiculous price. The home was very nice and there’s little work. The seller needed it sold. 

December is also a great month to market the property because a lot of sellers and agents take the month off because of Christmas and holiday parties. But there are other agents that since December as a great month to create more sells and buy homes for their clients. There is usually less competition and sellers know you’re very serious about buying a home when you’re doing it in December. So what are you waiting for? Christmas

One of the things I look for in finding great buys is vacant homes that need work. That means in most cases that the owner has two payments or at least have two homes that they hast to keep up.  Those homes are typically homes that people want to sell at a reasonable price.

That is just one example but there are many examples that people want to buy and sell homes year around including December.  So don’t forget about  buying or selling a home in December can be the best choice he made for you and your family. Also if you’re an investor it’s an awesome time to purchase a home in December, and less competition. Get with a professional. 

I am Brett I’ve done 1000+ transactions and I can do yours call me at 216-703-5740 Exp Realty Ohio or if you wanna home in Arizona call 602-363-6551. EXP Realty Az.




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Buying a home can be stressful and a lot of times you do not get the best prices, but it does not have to be.....We purchase a lot of different types of homes for our clients and save them a ton. 


I personally have been buying homes a discounts since 1985, and I have seen all the markets. December seems to be a month that some people do not think about buying a home. That is why it is one of the best times of the year to do so. 


Call me I'm Brett 216-703-5740 between your Christmas and Holiday Latte's and see what type of deals are out there for your real estate needs.......



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Need a remodeled Home in Lakewood? We have one 

Need to purchase a home in Lakewood Ohio on Clifton? We are currently remodeling a home that is a 5 bedroom 2 1/2 bath home that is getting a complete face lift. This could be your home before we are even finished. 
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Finding the best homes at the best prices on the MLS ​



Finding and leasing almost 100 homes this year I spent a lot of time on the MLS. Looking at the different homes and descriptions of those homes has allowed me to see ways to find great homes in the MLS that not all Realtors see. 


Just this week we got a great home in Lyndhurst, Bedford and Parma. They came directly off the MLS and they are very nice homes. 


We found a home for my parents in Bay Village a few years back that was listed as a 1 bedroom 1 bath home. The home was 1450 sf and that just did not make since to me. So we went and looked at the property and it was actually a 2 bedroom 2 bath Attached home that had a great view of Lake Erie!  We wrote a contract on Christmas Eve and purchased the property at a great price.


I look at 100's of properties a week for my clients and send them what I think they may want. It takes a lot of time, but it is worth it for our clients. 


I personally have been looking at the MLS properties for over 18 years and the great thing about the MLS is the information you get from it. I hear a lot of people that look for off market deals that are not on the MLS.


The MLS provides the property information that is generated by Licensed Realtors who have the seller disclose all the issues in a property. As a buyer you also have to be concerned about what the cities want and their inspection process if they have one.


You also need to get inspections on a home to make sure that the home is not hiding something. There are a lot of homes that we purchase that have no utilities and you need a trained eye to know if there may be some issues in the home before you buy it. The key is getting all the information you can before you purchase a home. 

Finding the best deals on the MLS or even finding the perfect home requires a trained eye that see's the homes daily. 


Need Real Estate? I'm Brett call 216-703-5740 EXP Realty Ohio or 602-363-6551 EXP Realty Arizona 


Average Homeowner Equity Gain in Third Quarter: $12K


Another reason you buy a home to live and or invest in called equity. This article comes from https://magazine.realtor/ that says that the average homes grew $12,000 in equity.

"Homeowners are still finding plenty of equity in their homes, but the gains are slowing. Homeowners with a mortgage saw their equity rise by 9.4 percent over the past year, according to CoreLogic’s latest Home Equity Report. The average homeowner gained $12,400 in home equity between the third quarter of 2017 and the third quarter of 2018. That is lower than the more than $16,000 year-over-year gain in equity reported in the second quarter, CoreLogic notes."
Real estate seems to be the best why to create wealth through others peoples money (mortgages). Inventory is still extremely low and high population areas get better equity positions in most cases.  What is the saying Location, Location, Location.
In Ohio where our company do most of my real estate, average gains where $750 a month gain in 2018. Homes are a great way to create income ans equity. A lot of homes buyers forget the equity part when they are buying a home. 
That is where our services come in. Our company looks for the best areas for are clients to gain the most equity and getting the best prices. Being a Realtor I am always looking at the home pricing and how it is going up or down. 
Our clients get the best homes available on the market at the best prices. We have literally saved our clients $100,000's of dollars in 2018 off the list price of homes.  
The other factor is having a Realtor that does business all over the Cleveland Metro area. We purchased homes on the west or east side of Cleveland. For example we just purchased homes in Lakewood, Parma and sold one in Northfield Village. We also just rented a home in Strongsville. 
Need a complete picture of what homes are available for your needs? I'm Brett 216-703-5740 
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Need a home in Chagrin Ohio area? Here they are directly from the MLS all 174 of them 

Finding the best deals in Real Estate is all I do for my clients ​ 


Finding homes that work for my clients needs at the best price is all I do. We like to get the best deals that we can. Currently we have 13 homes that are in escrow that we have purchased for clients and saving them money off the list price. Call 216-703-5740 EXP Realty to get your search started. I'm Brett 


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Lakewood Real Estate Deals between $100k-$250K

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Why you may not want to buy the Cheapest Real Estate 


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Buying the best real estate for your portfolio is not always the cheapest one. Need the Facts Call Brett 216-703-5740 EXP Realty Ohio and 602-363-6551 EXP Realty Arizona




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