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List your problem hard to sale real estate with us we are connected!


Getting those hard to sale properties sold can be a huge task for a lot of sellers. Good news is that we have some cash buyers that snap up problem properties. We have a large list of buyers that can get your problem house sold quickly.

There are many cash buyers across the world would need properties for their portfolio. I am currently looking for 4 properties now for clients that need real estate for every need.

Let's face it in today's world potential home buyers want the perfect home and if you do not have that your property stays on the market.

There is a pool of buyers that want to remodel and update homes before they move in or use it for income. We have these buyers and can get your problem home sold quickly in most cases.

These buyers take homes as is most of the time and close in two weeks. No bank loans, Appraisals, and inspections. The key to these buyers is the price and the value potential the home can bring. Location is also another important factor of any property.

If you need a home sold fast then you need a Realtor that can assist you in how to do that. Price is the key to getting potential buyers interested in your property. The bonus with our system is we also have a list of buyers that are already looking for not so perfect homes.

We buy homes in both Cleveland Metro and Phoenix Metro. Get your property to more buyers with our selling system.

Tired of dealing with a property? Let me get your property to the right type of buyers worldwide. 

I'm Brett and I can help.....call 216-703-5740 Fathom Realty or Whatsapp me

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