Knowing the Cleveland cities and how it effects housing

As a Realtor in Northern Ohio cities and their regulations can effect how you live or create income in a property. For some reason each city seems to have their own set of rules that can really effect the bottom line on a property. It is very important that buyers know what those codes are and how it may effect their purchase.

I am assisting a client in finding a new tenant for their property and met the contractor at the site to get pictures. During that time a city inspector came in and inspected the home. He decided that there was some extra work that needed done outside. Knowing that city I would have explained the city codes and inspections to that buyer before they purchased there. They were a bit shocked at the codes, but we are getting the home leased for them after they get their repairs done.

Some cities are great to work in and have reasonable codes that people can budget for and know the approximate cost. These are the cities that see a lot of equity growth and get the better rents. These cities also attract a lot more business's and amenities for the area.

I was golfing with a friend who purchased a nice home in a Point of Sale city. He ask if the city could make him paint the outside of his home? I ask why would you ask that? He showed me a letter from the city with the demand that he painted the outside of his home. I then informed him that they could do that and if he did not paint the home he would be in housing court and get fines. He said I wished I would have known that before I purchased the home.

When we sell homes our clients know what the city codes are and what they can expect. there are a lot of great cities to purchase real estate in in Northern Ohio! You need an agent that knows and understands them. Don't be uninformed when buying home.

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