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Are you looking for investment real estate opportunities? Fathom Realty has real estate solutions for you, including our available turnkey real estate properties across the country. Invest in property for your financial well-being in the future with the help of our qualified and professional real estate agents.

Turnkey Real Estate

Turnkey properties are a popular and successful investment option. The benefits of investing in a turnkey property with us are the speed and fluidity of the transaction, to name a few. We provide you with fully furnished properties — apartments and houses — so that as soon as the transaction is complete, you can turn the property around and rent it out. This way, you avoid delays and begin making a return on your investment almost immediately.

Additionally, through our real estate and property services, we will help you handle the logistics of your investment real estate property, including:
  • Leasing
  • Purchase
  • Rehab
  • Selling
Our hands-on and comprehensive approach expertly handles all your real estate needs prior to and following your transaction. With our unique approach and plethora of turnkey real estate services, we do all we can to see you become successful with your real estate investment with us.

Unique Approach

Our team has the experience and market knowledge to help you make good investments. With the resources at our disposal, we can work with you to create personalized solutions to meet your needs. Our clients are our priority, and our goal is to help you experience financial affluence and emotional security.

If you’re ready to begin looking for the perfect turnkey real estate properties to invest in, call Brett Young at Fathom Realty today. Brett is experienced and licensed for real estate in several states across the country and offers unsurpassed services to his clients. Call today at 216-703-5740 to learn more.

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