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 When your looking at selling your home or investment property you want the best price and selling the property for top dollar. You also want to save money selling your home. There are differences in Flat Fee listing services that you need to consider before listing your property with a brokerage.

Flat Fee listing services can be limited and effect your home sale. For example do they just add your property to the MLS and you do the rest? That is not a great idea in most cases, because agents usually do not like to work directly with the property owner, Sometimes they may take their clients to other properties to look at because of that. Realtors like to work with Realtors.

There is a lot of items that need to be accomplished to sale a home, inspections, appraisals, appointments to see the home, appraisal, signing contracts, and closing the property.

This all has to be done correctly and timely. Just this week on one of my flat fee listings a Realtor called with an offer that was low. I called my client and set a price he was comfortable with and needed to get for the home. I called the real estate agent and we got the the deal wrapped up and the best thing is that it's all cash!

That is why our Full Flat Fee service is really no different from any other listing except the high commissions.  We handle all the details for one low price. Selling 100's of homes allows me the benefit of handling a listing correctly and finding the best buyers in the market.

Not all Flat Fee services are created equal, and you need to have all the services that you would have in a full listing to get as many buyers possible to see your property. That is what gets the property sold for top dollar, the more potential buyers the better the price. company

The extra you get from our Full Service Flat Fee listing is we have our own marketing company that helps blast your home in many other ways besides the Zillow's and other real estate sites that we put list homes for sale in.

There you have it make sure that your getting all the services a full listing will give you, that makes all the difference in the world when your wanting to get the best price available.

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