Six Exclusive Benefits Of Investing In Real Estate

This article comes from John Larson on that goes over the benefits of Real Estate in good areas. 

"1. Cash flow: Cash flow is straightforward: When you purchase a rental property as a real estate investment, the tenants pay a monthly rent. The rent cost is usually higher than the monthly mortgage payment, even in today’s market. The difference in the rent and mortgage payment produces an instant and consistent cash flow."

Rentals are a great stream of income as long as you have the right property for your portfolio. Purchased a home for a couple in Vegas in the Kamms Corner area, we leased the home for $1100 (that was what the projected amount ) and the tenant has paid every month and is renewing their lease. The tenants are working professionals that just are not ready to buy, but have great credit. I can tell you many other homes we have done that has exactly the same story. 

That is cash flow, buying in an area that creates quality tenants and equity growth. 

"2. Equity capture or 'instant equity': Although it is difficult in today’s market, if you can find a property below market value and the appraisal comes in higher than your purchase price, you are positioned to acquire equity capture or “instant equity.” You could also turn around and sell the property for some quick change or hold and let it mature. Such a circumstance is possible in growing markets, like the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) metro area. The economy is steadfast in sectors like aerospace and rapidly growing in innovative sectors, like energy and health care."

Cleveland and Phoenix has a lot of excellent areas to purchase real estate and have a good long term equity growth. Cleveland you can get instant equity and watch you asset grow in value after you rent it. The buy and hold strategy is the best way to grow your wealth today. With the home prices going up and people buying homes. The mortgage industry is doing a great job of getting quality mortgages and there will probably not be a lot of bad mortgage paper in the future. That is the key to a strong real estate market. 

"3. Appreciation: Choosing the right market to invest in is crucial to a successful, long-term real estate investment. Before viewing properties, you need to look at the community’s potential growth and see who else is investing in that market. Again, the DFW and Houston metros are headquarters to almost 10% of the Fortune 1000 and over 5% of the Fortune 500 companies. The DFW metro also has a booming health care industry and is pulling people in at an exceptional rate, adding 146,000 residents from 2017 to 2018."

Cleveland and Phoenix is areas a lot of investors do not look at close enough. Cleveland has cities that are jammed pack with good industries and others being built. The amenities and community is super important in your decision making. Phoenix is also a great place to park your money and watch your Appreciation grow. As an investor in real estate do not overlook this part of your overall equation of buying a income property.

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