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More Americans are using real estate agents

This report comes from https://www.housingwire.com/ and it talks about the different types of professionals and how much they use Realtors. 

"A new Harris Insights housing consumer study, which was underwritten by the California Association of RealtorsThe CE Shop and REAL Trends, shows a full 90% of consumers use real estate agents to buy and sell their homes. This is a survey high, and is up 5 percentage points from the last study in 2014 and up 9 percentage points from the first study conducted in 2001. The study asked the opinions of 1,000 people who had either bought or sold a home in the last six months."

This report also breaks down the people that are using Realtors and their incomes.

"The study also found that more educated consumers are more likely to use a real estate agent, 94% of those with a college degree used agents in their transaction. Those with only a high school diploma used agents at a rate of 83%."

"Higher income earners were also more likely to use real estate agents. About 79% of those who made $50,000 a year or less used an agent, while those who made between $75,000 and $100,000 used agents in 98% of the cases"

The report shows that the better part of buyers use a Realtor. Some people forget that when your buying a home the seller pays the commission on the transaction. 

That is a huge benefit to buyers. You are getting represented by a Realtor and that usually means that you are getting the best deals, and your not paying for it. 

On one of my recent transactions, my buyers got a new heater and A/C after the inspection. That does not usually happen, but the units where old and the home was over $400K. Dealing with he sellers agent to get that done was not easy, but both the buyers and sellers where happy at the end of the deal. 

Sellers are very wise to use seasoned Realtors, I personally can show you how to not have an inspection ruin your sell of a property. I have a system that can keep inspections from hurting the sell of a home in most cases. That is one of the benefits of using a seasoned agent that works for their sellers. 

Lastly using a seasoned Realtor gets your face in front of more homes if your buying or selling. If your selling more potential buyers see your home. That usually means you get a better price for your home. Personally I have my own media company that does much more than just putting a property on the MLS. We set up websites for our clients homes and their information. 

"If the need for real estate agents is increasing – what are consumers looking for when it comes to selecting their agent? “Referrals from people I trust” garnered the highest response from consumers on what was most important when selecting their real estate agent. About 69% of consumers said this was either extremely important or very important, while 92% said it was important"

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