You might need to cast a broader net to find a buyers

There are a lot of homes that investors and people purchase and use as income real estate or never update while they live in the property. I recently got 5 properties that a out of the country investor wants to sell and create a better portfolio for himself. He called me and we are listing them this week. I have already reached out to a buyer that is very interested in all of the properties, I hope to sell them quickly.

When selling real estate that is not updated, and get the best deal for my clients I call a lot of people I know in the business that want those types of properties. They buy them and sell them to their clients and they manage the property through their property management.

If you have a property that is not preforming to your satisfaction or just want to get out of the home your in call me. I have some advice and assistance in selling it and maybe be your Realtor. We just sold a Duplex for a client that wanted to sell his property as is. The Selling Agent was in Minnesota (licensed in Ohio) and the buyer signed the closing documents in France. All cash deal!

We have helped sell 1000+ Homes for our clients and we have the crews to get your jobs done also. 

Buyers are all over the world and you need a Realtor that knows how to market to those buyers and local buyers. Lets face it the more potential buyers that see your property the better the chance of you selling it for more money.

I am meeting a client this Friday that wants top dollar for his property. He needs some updating in the kitchen and bathroom areas. I assist in doing that and seeing if the cost is worth it.

Casting a larger net out catches more fish(buyers) and sells properties a lot faster. Need to sale your property and want a larger audience to see it? This is what I do everyday Call me I'm Brett 
216-703-5740 EXP Realty Ohio and 602-363-6551 EXP Realty

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