6 Reasons Why Selling a House in the Winter

This article comes from https://www.realtor.com/ and had a few great tips on why you may want to sell your home in the winter. 

If your home is in need of updates and or you just need to sell it, then we have buyers for those home...CASH BUYERS....They are buying in the winter.

I am closing on 2 homes that a client got from his brothers estate. The homes have a lot of repairs and he needed a Realtor that had built in buyers to purchased his homes and knew where to find them. We sent the homes out to our buyers and BINGO one of them took both deals. 

The city came in and enforced an old Point of Sale report from 2011 and we had even more work than we thought. We still got the deal worked out and we are closing the homes next week. 

Having buyers that we advertise for is a big benefit to our clients that need to sell their real estate even in the winter!

"“Most sellers still think they need to sell in the spring, but that means there is more competition for buyers' attention,” says Matt Van Winkle, founder of Re/Max Northwest in Seattle."

"But in the winter, there are fewer homes for sale. That competition over low inventory can make winter an ideal time to sell your home."

Even if you have a home that is nice and can sell at top price winter is a great time to sell you home. We have sold a lot of homes in the winter. December seems to be a very active month we sold 12 homes alone in December 2018. That shows the strength of the winter months if your home is priced right to the market it will sell. 

""When I have buyers looking for homes in January and February, they’re real buyers looking to make a purchase—especially if it’s a great house. They don't want to take the chance of waiting until spring and losing out on the home,” Baldinger says."

Winter does bring higher quality buyers to homes that are being sold in the winter. Let's face it spring brings everyone that might want to buy sometime in the future! Winter brings buyers that are usually serious about buying a home.

I have many options on how to sell your home, please call me and let's get coffee 216-703-5740 EXP Realty Ohio and 602-363-6551 EXP Realty Az  

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