How to Choose a Real Estate Broker for your real estate needs

This article comes from and the first paragraph of this article say's a lot!

"A while back, Gloria Sokolin, an associate broker at Fox Residential Group, got a call from a woman who was preparing to sell her $2 million apartment on the Upper East Side."
"“She had been thinking of hiring the mistress of her husband’s business partner, who’d just gotten her real estate license,” recalled Ms. Sokolin. “And the friend who’d given me the referral said to her: ‘This is your most valuable asset. Are you crazy?’"

I see home buyers and investors do this almost daily, they do not look at the resume of the Realtor they are working with. A home is a huge investment and you need to know who you are working with. 

When you decide to purchase a property make sure that the Agent knows the area and why or why not that area may or may not fit your needs. 

Just yesterday I looked at a property for a client because they where out of town. It was a wholesale deal that was not on the MLS and therefore not a lot of information. My client wanted the see if I would rehab it.

When I walked into the home it was terrible and really was a tear down. The home was close to the lake and in a great area, but it had seen it's better days. That property would be a huge money loser for my client. 

I got two calls last night from investors that wanted real estate and needed to know the rents and resales in the area. They know that I have down 100's of homes and have been successful in getting my clients good real estate.  

We closed 6 homes last Friday for clients...This is still December and there are homes being bought and sold all the time. 

Getting a home or investment is one thing, but you really need to check your Realtor body of work and see if fits your needs the best. 

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