5 Reasons Realtor’s Should Be A Real Estate Investors

Real Estate Investors need to have information before they can know if their real estate purchase is a good one. Realtor's have so many tools at their disposal that can help an investor get more real estate and better deals. Comps, Sells, days on market, and so much more.

 I met with an investor that needed to sale a home that he had purchased and remodeled. He purchased the home right, but the contractor got to much money and the investor over updated the property. As I looked at the home it was done very well and I ask if I could turn on the air conditioner? The investor said it did not work and would replace it when it was sold. WHAT? The A/C did not work and the home was very warm.

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My next question (and I knew the answer) was how much do you have into this property. Wow it was a lot, so much the value would not cover the sale price. The investor had two signs in the front yard for rent and a for sale sign, confusing. He also said how much he did not like Realtors ( I was wondering why I was there?)

If this investor would have used a Realtor he would have known the different avenues he could have went. For example

1. Sold the property as is to another investor and made a lot of money
2. What upgrades need to be done to get the desired price
3.  How much will the home be worth after the upgrades
4. How long does it take to sale in this area
5. What is the marketing plan to sale the home

Having the answers on important questions can make or break a deal. The hard part of it all is getting the information and having a Realtor that understands what real estate is worth and can sell it,

We have some investors that came to us to sale two properties that they had remodeled. I have met many times with them to give them advice on what to update in a home. Their two homes that we listed sold in 4 days and both are closing this week. 

Any investor should use a qualified Realtor that has done investment real estate and understands all the in's and out's. Check the Realtor's references and make sure you spend time and energy helping the Realtor get you real estate deals. 

It is alright to pay commission if your using the agents time and they are helping you make money. You will need them on the next deal.

Our team has done 1000+ plus properties and understand our clients needs for real estate. Call me I am Brett at 216-703-5740 EXP Realty Ohio and 602-363-6551 EXP Realty .

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