The Best Markets For Real Estate Investments In 2019

This article comes form and it ranks some of the better places to invest in. Cleveland came in #5. I did notice  that he income on this article for Cleveland is lower that what we have been seeing. The article suggests that the average rent is $808 a month.

My last 20+ properties have an average of over $1100 a month. I will show you a few of them in this article.

Monthly rents are generated on the properties location and condition. The homes above are in great locations and where leased very quickly. 1117 Worton literally had 12 people that wanted it. We leased it for the $1250 a month that was projected by marketing and purchasing the property correctly. 

There is a very high demand for rentals in the Cleveland Real Estate markets. As a investor you need to know where are the best places to invest your hard earned money at. After purchasing 1000+ properties in many different areas we know where the best places to purchase are. 

Here is some more properties we have leased 

There are good and bad markets, Cleveland Ohio happens to be one of the good ones. There are still bad areas to purchase real estate in Cleveland. The good news is we know where to good ones are.

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