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As a Realtor like any business you have to market and learn how to create clients. There are so many different advertisers and websites that promise you all this business. I think I have tried just about all of them. Good news is that there is an easier and cost efficient way to advertise.

One of the first CRM systems that I tried was ZAP and it had a lot of scripts and was an pretty easy software to keep in touch with your clients. As in any CRM system you need to have potential clients emails and you need at least 100 to really get some business. 

I have been using a new CRM that EXP Realty gave me that really ha been working well. I use a lot of their Facebook advertising for listings and getting buyers. The system that I have set up is automatic and I have got some buyers from it. You have to set the KVcore up a special way for it to be successful. You can also make nice squeeze and landing pages with this software. 

I also create a newsletter that goes out to my clients and potential clients every week. This month that newsletter has created 6 new listings for me. I also get buyers that want homes from it. The newsletter by far as been my best way to create new business. You need to know how to write a newsletter and it is easy if you know how. 

I have a software that creates some of the best videos that you can make. They have pre made templates that help your video look professional. Click here to see . Videos are an important part of any real estate business, and it does not cost a lot to look professional. I have sold many homes from videos to clients and even 2 listings I got full price offers from a video. 

Another advertising tool is Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram and all the others. How do you use them? They can be powerful and help your brand and get business. Social Media is an important part of any successful real estate business. There are great software that have pre made templates that you can make daily in minutes. 

Flat fee listing is now available at $1500. This is a full listing service minus the open houses. Click here to see what is included .

My last two listing where under contract in less than 2 weeks at full price. Don't waste time and money selling your home in today's hot real estate market. Call Me I'm Brett @ 216-703-5740 Icon Agent at EXP Realty and if you are in Phoenix call me 602-363-6551 EXP Realty

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