Effectively Negotiating with Buyers & Sellers

When your negotiating a real estate transaction you need to know a few emotional feelings that will effect the price.

Sellers sometimes like their homes and have put a ton of work into it. That does not mean the buyers always like all the decor of a home. The higher the price of a home the more picky buyers seem to get. That is all fine and I understand that not everyone has the same taste. As an agent I do not want to the sellers and buyers having any issues when we are negotiating. So I only deal with the other Realtor and keep everything very business like until we close the a property.  

I am closing a home this month that had a very old HVAC system that worked fine. The buyers are older and did not want to deal with a installing a new system in a few years. I called the sellers agent and explained what my clients needed and that they where concerned. The sellers agent got a quote form a reputable HVAC company and they split the cost of the system with my buyers. Problem solved. 

The key in negotiating is understanding the issue and knowing how to handle all the people involved in the transaction. 

Sometimes there are repairs that need to be done after inspection is completed. I recently had an inspection report on one of my listings. The repairs where minor, but the seller thought the cost of the repairs would be very expensive which they are not. I personally got all the quotes together and my client is getting his home closed. Another problem solved 

Negotiating the price of a home us just the beginning. Inspections and appraisals can play a big part in needing further inspections. I have personally be involved in 1000+ transactions of homes and understand the issues that can come up from time to time.

Effectively you need a seasoned agents that knows how to negotiate. It can save you thousands dollars with a seasoned agent that understands the buyers and sellers needs and wants. I'm Brett call 216-703-5740 EXP Realty Ohio and 602-363-6551 EXP Realty Arizona    

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