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Do you want to be the first to find a home or the last one to know?

Being the first one to see a property is crucial to getting the best of the bunch as they say. A lot of investors and buyers never see properties on a daily basis. Real Estate is not hard if you stay on top of it and see new listings and changes in prices, Days on the market, and so on.

Just yesterday we have 7 homes that we are writing offers on and getting pictures of three homes we have under contract. That takes someone who looks daily at properties and knows the areas and what they have to offer.

The other factor is having success is actually purchasing real estate, getting it closed, and making that property an investment or dwelling.

This year our company has already had over 60 transactions and we have only 1/2 the year in.

Being updated on a daily basis is easy for us we can set you up with any type of property you may be looking for to report to you on a daily basis. We can set up personal websites that have detailed areas you are interested in purchasing in. Let me give you and example.

Click here to view homes for sale in Parma Ohio

These websites come directly from the MLS and are updated daily. You get information at your finger tips and can see all the properties available in your areas.

I personally look at the new and old properties on the MLS on a daily basis.. That keeps me updated on the trends and gets my clients to see the properties first.

It sounds easy and it really is, except that it needs to be done daily and I mean everyday. That gets my clients the best real estate for the best prices and locations.

You need a hard working Realtor on your team that can get your eyes on the properties quickly. Text the word information to +19375000745

You can also call me I'm Brett at 216-703-5740 Icon Agent at EXP Realty Ohio and 602-363-6551 EXP Realty Az 

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