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Silicon Valley's Next Target: Real Estate

This article comes from https://www.inc.com/ and it talks about the new technology that is coming out for real estate.

I have seen many changes in the real estate industry since 1985 when I purchased my first income property. At that time there where no computers or internet you had to get a Realtor that knew where the listings where to get a property.

Fast forward to 2019 and everything it seems is online and people can get a lot of information on any property online. In fact my marketing includes all the real estate websites and even other brokerage websites. The key is getting the home sold.

The issues I see in most Do it Yourself people is knowing the value and how to get to that value. That is where Realtors have the best information and understand why a home is worth a certain price. I even went as far as taking my BPO (Brokers Price Opinion) course to see even more that might effect a price on a home. It is important to understand pricing strategies.

I just looked at a home that a client wanted to sell for $25,000 over what the price should be. The home was sold to them from a non-licensed person and they where expecting the higher price.

They also did nor catalog the updates or do pictures and videos of the updates. That proves the work was done and it helps the appraiser with the new higher price. Anytime you rehab a home to sale it is important to catalog the updates. I have been doing it for 9 years and never missed an appraisal.

People think that the tax value or zestimate is a good way to see your home value, but they do not take into consideration the age of the updates on a property. Think about it? Would you rather have a home that is freshly painted and has a new kitchen over one that does not?

How old is the home and can you compare it to a new home price? Location of a home is also a big factor for the value. Is a home on the lake or golf course worth more than one that isn't? Remember there are areas that have lakes and golf courses where that could make a huge difference on the price of a home.

So please look at all your options before you buy or sale any real estate property. Getting a professional Realtor who has been in the business a while and understands the areas you are in are crucial to understanding you homes true value.

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