Know who you are dealing with in Investment real estate?

I have been in the investment real estate business for over 34 years and have seen all the ups and downs in the market. Also being a licensed real estate agent in two states, and having my license for 20 years allows me to have a lot of knowledge in my real estate markets.

I am blessed to have has almost 2,000,000 hits on my blog that I have been writing for the last ten years. This blog allows me to keep up with the news and write my struggles and wins in real estate. Doing the 100's of homes for myself and my clients also gives me insight to the real estate industry.

Everyday I study the real estate market through the news and my personal business. Doing the 100's of homes has taught me the areas to focus on and the ones not too.

This month I am honored to receive my second Icon Agent Award from EXP Realty, that puts me in the top 1% of the company in sales. I don't say that to brag, it is to show that I am successful in getting my clients homes. That's really the important part of what I do for myself and my clients, getting real estate.

My clients get fresh new homes daily to offer on, until we are successful in finding one. We write 100 offers a week on homes. That gives our clients the best chance to find that perfect home. This year will be a record year for finding new income real estate homes for our clients.

My clients know my resume in finding good real estate for their portfolio. The video below shows some of the latest deals we have done.

Need a Professional that has been successful in the real estate business for the last 3 decades? Call me I'm Brett 216-703-5740 Icon Agent at EXP Realty I can help you get good real estate. 

You can also Text income to 1-937-529-0765

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