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Want exceptional real estate services? Want the best deals in real estate?

Getting exceptional real estate services and finding the best deals in real estate requires both time and expertise. That is what we try to do on every real estate transaction with our clients over the last 20 years. Let's look at some recent deals.

Recently we purchased a home in an area that had comps of $125,000+ for $67,500. How did we do that great price? There was a construction issue that most agents ran from on the home, and did not do their homework on the repair. Doing 100's of rehabs I saw that the issue was nothing that could not be repaired by a licensed professional. I sent my professional to the home and for a few thousand dollars the home was like new. The total repair bill on that home was under $5000. Do the numbers that is a great deal!

The key is finding these types of deals every week for my clients is looking daily for the deals. Doing this type of home hunting for the last 20 years gives my clients the best chance of finding a great deal on a home.

Not only do I find and rehab the properties, but I also lease or sell the real estate also. Check out the pictures below to see a property before we started rehab and after.......

As you can see from that pictures that home was rehabbed very nicely and now has a tenant in it for the projected rent we discussed. Here are a few videos

Getting the best deals is just the start you need boots on the ground that has the services that get your property the way you want it. We have been doing that for many years and understand what your real estate needs are.

We have leased 100% of our listings and Sold 95% of our homes that we listed. That is excellent numbers and says DONE!

Need good Deals on Real Estate and the services all wrapped up under one roof? Call me I'm Brett Icon agent at EXP Realty Ohio 216-703-5740 in Arizona 602-363-6551.

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