You need multiple income streams being a Realtor


I know there are a lot of Brokerages and teams trying to get your license hung with them. They will teach you in most cases the traditional way to get listings and buyers. Most of the time it works if you stick to cold calling and knocking on doors.

I have personally never ever done either and have a multi million dollar business. In fact I am in the top 1% of all 20,000+ agents in EXP Realty, I just got my 2019 Icon Award for sales, business, and communicating with other fellow EXP Realty Agents.

There are many other income streams of income that you build your Realtor business with. These systems have helped me make 6 figures in real estate 19-20 years. The key is knowing how to implement and market unique services that other agents may not be doing. If they are doing it maybe they are not doing it well.Most of the time these systems are never taught to agents.

My systems have made me millions of dollars in commissions and they are consistently building my real estate business.

I need some agents that want to learn my systems and marketing to build their business in a very non-traditional way.

You will also learn how to market yourself through the internet in many different ways. It is not easy, if you so not know how to do it. This year I have already did almost 80 transactions with EXP Realty. Learning how to make Icon status was very important to me.

EXP Realty doesn't just give you an award they give you $16,000 in their stock! That is another income building system every agent needs for their career. That's an extra $1300 a month.

EXP Realty also gives all their Realtors 80/20 split to $16,000 cap. If you make Icon status you get all the $16,000 back (you are vested in 2 years in $12,000 of it). There is no other brokerage that I know of that gives you stock in their company as an award.

Let me help you set up your unique systems so that you can make the multiple streams of income. Being a Realtor is branding yourself and building a Marketing system that keeps you in front of a lot of potential clients.

Let me show how I do it. Call me I'm Brett Icon Agent at EXP Realty Let me at least lay out a business plan for you and see if your needs match the plan. Call 216-703-5740 or sign in below.

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