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I found a report at that talks about the health of the Cleveland real estate market. Let's dive into the important parts of this report.

Cleveland metro is in the top 10 cities for college grads and they can get great employment.
  1. Presence by 70% of Fortune 500 comp.
  2. More than 400 bioscience companies.
  3. Two new Amazon distribution centers.
  4. Over 120,000 healthcare professionals.
  5. Home to 27 area colleges & universities.
  6. Home to four professional sports teams.
"The Cleveland housing market forecast for the 3 years ending with the 3rd Quarter of 2021 is also positive. The accuracy of the Cleveland housing market trend prediction is 83%. Accordingly, estimates that the probability for rising home prices in Cleveland is 83% during this period. If this Housing Market Forecast is correct, home values will be higher in the 3rd Quarter of 2021 than they were in the 3rd Quarter of 2018."

Cleveland downtown is one the nicest in the country and there is a to do for , Fun, dining, working and living. Prices for rentals have sky-rocked and there are very low vacancy rates. 

As an investor you need to know where you are buying and what type of business's that are around that location. When there is a lot of great jobs like Cleveland has there is a lot more demand for housing. 

Our companies keep up with the latest trends on leasing real estate, because that is what we do. Locating real estate that works for our clients is crucial for our success and to theirs. Watching Cleveland and the surrounding cities allows us to keep our thumb on what real estate is doing.

Also finds that Cleveland ranks 9th in the country for affordable housing. That is another asset of Cleveland is the housing prices and cost of living. 

"People living in places like Oklahoma City and Cleveland earn relatively lower than those in San Francisco and New York. But their expenses also tend to be a lot lower. The median household income in Cleveland is $52,446. A family needs an annual income of only $32,439 to afford a house. The median home prices in the city are $173,500."

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