Epic Formula to getting more real estate and better deals

Getting more deals in today's tight real estate market can be hard to do without the right tools.

 I am happy to say that I have made Icon Agent again for the 2nd year in a row. Being an Icon agent every year since I have been with the company in Ohio takes getting real estate. A lot of real estate.

To date I have had almost 90 transactions this year. That can only happen by working harder and smarter. The demand for income real estate is very high an many investors want good quality income properties and they are having a hard time finding them.

We have a winning formula we set our clients up with, that gets them the real estate they want. It takes daily contracts and having the support to getting the details done.

Every deal we put in escrow needs pictures, rehab quote and projected rent. We also send a CMA out on each property we get, so the investors have an idea what the home is worth.

After the home is closed through escrow, we have the construction crews we work with start the rehab. Videos are collected every week and sent to the investor, to keep them updated on the process.

After the home is completed they get final pictures and we list the home to lease. Huge marketing and showing happens to get a successful tenant.

After all that Avalon Real Estate Group takes over the property management for the investor to start collecting their income.

All that has to be done and done correctly. Remember a formula only works if it is successful in all parts of a issue. We have generated over $750,000 a year in rental income in 2018-2019.

In the end the investor/client needs to get the best deal possible, rehab the home, get top rents, and collect the rents.

We deal with all the details so you don't have too...To start your epic formula going in income real estate call me I'm Brett 216-703-5740 Icon agent at EXP Realty  

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