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Property Management during Corona-19 how are your properties......

Investors need to know that their property manager is taking care of the real estate and getting clients rents. Our property management has been very successful in dealing with our clients concerns and successfully collecting 100% of our clients rents in May 2020.

Management is not easy and you need a professional that has your best interest in mind. We manage quality real estate and understand that each property can be unique. We are not the fastest growing company because we do not want to be. We want to be the best and that requires us to be picky on the real estate we manage. That means better tenants and better returns.

Getting your properties income in today's real estate market needs to be handled by professionals. If your properties are not then your losing money. 

It is a lot easier to buy, rehab, and lease a property than to keep it successfully managed.  That is why we created Avalon Group, you can call Lori 480-694-3735 and get your home managed very well.

We have made innovative ways for our management company to handle all your property needs. Here is a client that emailed us this month!

I can already see how I will have a more pleasant experience with you than the previous management company!"

We really want to make sure your property preforms at is highest capacity for the life of your investment.

Our company also watches the prices in every neighborhood and keep our clients updated. There is a big difference with how we treat our clients properties.

Do not settle for a average or below average property management call Lori 480-694-3735 Avalon Group. 

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