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Re-designing Investment Real Estate Portfolios

There are so many investors that have under preforming real estate portfolios. To me that is the biggest mistake an investors can make is letting their portfolio continue to under perform.

I have a client that purchased real estate from another so called guru in the business and they are having nothing but issues with their portfolio.  We are currently dealing with one of the properties that had a good paying tenant in it, and they moved out after their lease was over ( we placed that tenant over 1 year ago). The issue is the unlicensed property management has not paid the owner their rent for the last 4 months! 

So now we have to go in the home and make it good again and help that home start creating income again. That is a very hard pill for the owner to swallow, because the lease was $1300 a month. $1300 x 4 = $5200 loss for that owners portfolio. 

The other issues I personally see is maintenance cost of a property. We where called in on one property that had a $8000 repair bill on the drain going to the street. We sent our plumber out and $600 later the drain was working just fine. That is a $7400 savings to this client. 

We had a property that was given to us to get income generating, it was a 6 bedroom home that the contractor did not finish. We finished the home and leased it out last summer. The home has generated $1100 a month income every sense and the owner gets checks now not bills. 

I am currently working on a portfolio that has a lot of less desirable properties. We have the almost all of them sold and the last on is closing this month. The owner did loss money because of the location of their real estate, but we stopped the money loosing properties by selling them. 

The client had a lot of quality real estate that could generate around $4500 net a month. Most of these properties where vacant and not collecting rent. Fast forward about 6 months and they are creating  around $54,000 a year in income. 

If you have a real estate portfolio that is not performing please call me and let us help you get your portfolio re-designed. 

We help fix issues with investment real estate not purchased from us...
call me I'm Brett 216-703-5740 ICON Agent at EXP Realty 
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