Building your real estate portfolio for income

I hear from investors that cannot wait to sale their income real estate because it takes more money and time for them. 
The key to getting a consistent income and not having a lot of issues is buying a property in a great location. We have tenants  that have been in their properties for many years, before we where even managing them. They love the property and most of all the location.

Property Management is another part of owning a income property and probably the most important over the life of the property. If the home is located in a great area the management of the property is so much easier. 

Poor property management creates stress and with great real estate just does not make sense. Just recently we received two homes that we had purchased for a client that decided to go with another property management. That did not turn out so well so they ask if we would assist, Of course we did and we are getting those properties back on track to make those investors very good money! 

The good news is there are very good property managers and Realtors to assist you in setting up that perfect portfolio for both income and equity growth. We believe we are the best at doing that, I am with EXP Realty and Lori is the Broker for Avalon Realty Group. Together we have formulated the best mix of partners to allow us to serve our clients better.

Let us show what we can do for you and your portfolio.....Call me I'm Brett 216-703-5740 ICON Agent for EXP Realty or text "information" to 1-937-500-0745 

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