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Real Estate Deals Created In 2020's First Half

Buying and Selling Real Estate during the Corona Virus has been different, and challenging. I personally have closed 62 Transactions with another 11 in escrow. The Real Estate deals this year have been a bit different in the negotiations and the pricing. 

Gone are the days of what one agent told me shooting fish in a barrel to get good deals on real estate. Today there is less inventory, but if you look more and work harder you can still get good real estate deals. For Example last year I personally did 118 transactions. This year I'm on track to do about the same or a bit more.

I have purchased more owner occupied real estate in 2020 than in 2019. There are a lot of people moving and wanting to get that perfect home. There are sometimes multiple offers on a home and as an agent you need to know how to get your client their desired home. 

A few months ago I got an accepted offer on a home in Chagrin Falls my clients really wanted. There was a contingency on selling their home in California. When we made the offer we where actually the lower of the two offers. We added a letter why my clients would love the home and wanted it. That sealed it for my clients and they live there today and love the area. 

My investors are also getting the best properties for portfolios also, we just have to work harder to get the better deals. Most homes are rented in days for full price, we never negotiate anyway.

My Flat Fee listings been successful and have also sold for full price. 

All in all the first half of 2020 has been exceptional and the rest of the year I think will be the same. 

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