Want to really sale your home for cash????

Selling your home for cash is all according to the offer and the proof of funds. You also need to have an inspection on your home before you except a cash offer. The buyers always ask for some money off the price if there are things that they did not originally see before the inspection. With your own home inspection you can have the issues out there to see up front.

We just purchased a property in Chagrin Falls for $207,000 we had offered $215,000. After a lot of inspections there where some issues on the property and we ask for a reduction and got it. If the inspections where already done before we purchased the home we could have closed quicker and the seller could relax. The inspections added 3 weeks to the closing.

Whether you are selling a as is home or not you need to do inspections before you sell. This assist you in making a informed decision on the price and some issues the property my have. 

We do over $4 million a year in cash transactions and close almost all our real estate deals. There are a lot of cash offers that never close. I have had clients that wanted to do that and I would not make offers for them. The key in any cash deal is the buyers willingness and ability to close a deal when accepted. 

A lot of cash buyers look for the best deals and put a property in escrow and then get a better deal and dump the property that is in escrow. This cost the seller a lot of time on the market.

Making sure a cash offer has a great chance of closing is asking for a bigger escrow deposit. Say $5000 is a good number. If your in the luxury homes market them more would be better. 

Ask the agent how many cash deals have they closed? Me personally I close 50-70 cash deals a year. If they haven't closed a deal then you need to be careful. 

Selling a property for cash is not always easy to do. I have done 100's and 100's of cash deals and know the pitfalls. I also have millions of dollars at my disposal with my cash clients to buy real estate.

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