What's the difference between a Realtors

The first difference is differently money, but how do real estate agents get to their peak performance? That is the question every real estate agent has and should be asking themselves. 

When I started as a Realtor in Arizona in 2000 I did not want to be like every other real estate agent, I wanted to be unique in type of  services I could offer to my clients. 

Fast Forward to 2020 and I have done exactly that, created unique services that service my clients and helps me stand out with my unique services. 

One of the type of clients I service is clients who do not live in my local area. I have clients all over the United States and the world. How do you attract those type of clients? How can you market your services to attract those clients?

I have noticed that Brokers and Brokerages do not teach you how to create business online unless you pay a huge sum for advertising. Take Zillow for example they charge thousands of dollars to get you leads that are good and bad in one area. How do you get to the rest of the world that needs your unique real estate services?

The key is knowing how to create services that attract potential clients to you. How do you service their needs and what are the services they need? 

My personal business has many income buckets of services that I put together to create that are needed for my clients. Since I have done that and adding new ones all the time, I have attracted and kept my clients. 

My repeat business is amazing and most of my clients refer my services to all their circle of influence. 

Being successful in a world where over 85% of people fail in needs special services that clients not only want but need. Want to be a leader in your area, and a top agent that have services few real estate agents have or even know about? 

I have 20 years of experience that I have created in my course that shows you how to be a top agent with unique services.....FYI I have never cold called or door knocked in my career as a Real Estate Agent. Need more information? Go to  https://www.attentionrealtors.com/   

If you call me at 216-703-5740 I'm Brett ICON Agent at EXP Realty Ohio or 

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