A Disruptive Growth Play In Real Estate

Real Estate is changing all the time, especially in the last 10 years. Gone are the days of just going to your circle of influence (whatever that is) and getting enough business to create a great paying career. There is so much more advertising and internet that potential clients get bombarded with daily, it makes it almost impossible to be seen in today's world unless you know how to market. 

I noticed that when I first started being a Realtor (2000), I was on my own and good luck. You can pay for expensive training camps that teach up how to fell good about cold calling and door knocking. The issue is if you do not have success you burn out and miss opportunities that you can't see sometimes.  Pay for expensive marketing programs that may or may not work.

Then you have the commission splits with the brokerages that take a ton of money, and if your on a team well you have to split your check with them also. That leaves you with the crumbs and a lot of miles on your vehicle. 

That is something I did not aspire to do and I set up my marketing system to change all that. My real estate business lets my team keep all their commissions on their clients. It also gives them training for FREE. The training is a system I created over the last 20 years that has made me a lot of money and created long lasting clients. https://www.attentionrealtors.com/

EXP Realty has allowed me to set this up a great system and they are a completely different Real Estate Brokerage. You can create many other income buckets that will enrich your Realtor experience and they also have weekly classes you can attend for FREE! As a team member  you get to keep all your commissions, let me a how you how it works. 

Want be a disruptive business maker for your real estate career? 

Call Me I'm Brett 216-703-5740 ICON Agent for EXP Realty 2018-19-20 or 

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