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Unique Realtor and Real Estate Services in Cleveland Ohio


 There are so many estate agents in the world and you might think they are all the same. There are a few of us that do the business completely different than your standard agent. I wanted to go over the services I offer and how they may help you in making a decision on selecting your next Real Estate Agent.

1. Full Service Flat Fee Listing that gets homes sold! My website is http://soldyourhomefast.com/ that has all the details. We also do the virtual tour that gets added to each listing and also sent to interested clients. I have sold 100's and 100's of homes with my listing package since 2000. Want to pay high commissions? 

2. We also lease and have a property management company to handle all my investors properties. Our unique marketing and quality real estate keeps our clients happy with their purchase, income and equity position. 

3. We purchase income and investment real estate for many different clients. We handle all the purchase, rehab, leasing and management of each property. I have done 100's of these deals 

4. Getting homes ready to sell by helping with the updating with our full time professional crews. This home will be on the market this week. It gets our clients top dollar for their homes and helps them sell quickly.

5. Our Company also gets things done the home above was under contract in just 4 days for $4,000 over asking price. We also have a backup offer that was the same. Our listing system and Leasing system gets homes sold and leased for top dollar.

6. Yes I also have a Property Management that can take care of your real estate portfolio for the long term.  

We save you money and time while getting you the best real estate services for all your needs. I have been a ICON Agent for the last 3 years 2018-2019-2020. I can get your real estate done call me 
I'm Brett call 216-703-5740 or text "Success" to 1-937-500-0745

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