We communicate with Real Estate Clients on a weekly bases

 Communication is the key to keeping everyone being happy and informed. Video is really the best way to do that when you are not able to get together. Every week I personally go to each home we are working on and get my clients their updates and detailed information on what we have accomplished for them during the week. Yes that's right I do this every week I get a fresh new video for my clients.

Doe your Realtor do that for you? I should also mention that this service does not cost my clients a dime, it's a service they deserve because they give me business. I also want them to keep coming back for all their real estate needs. 

Does your agent do all this for your business? If not call me 

I'm Brett EXP Realty Ohio 216-703-5740 or your can text "Success" to 1-937-500-0745

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