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Discount listing saves you Money, but has the same service

 There are a lot of people that think that discount listing or Flat Fee listing means less service and that they will get less money for their property. I cannot speak for everyone, but I can for my discount listing the service is the same and I get Top dollar for my listings. That is because we do all the services that any listing agent will do for a property.

Hear are some examples of our listing system getting the top dollar for a property that is being sold. My last 3 listings went for full price, what are the prices? $389,900, $293,115, And over asking $263,500. These three clients saved $17,428 in selling commissions with my flat fee listing.

Discount listing and or Flat fee Listing is a service I offer that gets you everything you need to sell your property at top price! Here is a testimonial from one of the properties mentioned in this blog.  

"Thanks for your help along the way. It works out perfectly having someone on my team that’s just focused on the deal while I’m thinking about all of the stuff surrounding it. Your brutal honesty has been exactly what I needed to weigh my options and make good decisions. Everything has worked out about as good as I could have hoped.--"

To me that is what it is all about......getting my clients needs met in real estate.

Need to sell your Home?????? Call me and save time, money and get the top price...

I'm Brett 216-703-5740 Real Brokerage or Email me By56083@gmail.com

You can also go to http://brettsdiscountlisting.com/..lets get your property sold! 

Get your home SOLD for Less with us 100's of homes and counting

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