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Why Real Brokerage could be the Best Decision you make in 2021


  Being with EXP Realty for 3 years and achieving 3X Icon Agent and 2019 #1 Agent for Transaction in Ohio taught me that brokerages that offer a stock options are a Realtors best friend.  

        When I left EXP Realty I made a nice SUM of money (6 figures) on my stock and kept 300+ shares for the future if prices go up on the stock. 

         Real Brokerage is a company that is set up for agents that want to sale real estate and get a lot of stock doing it. The difference is it is a ground floor opportunity for real estate agents to get a ton more money for their current business. 

         Let me explain being a 3X Icon Agent (2018-2019-2020) with EXP Realty you received $16,000 in stock. 

         Real Brokerage has a Elite Agent status that they award for capping (85%-15% with a $12,000 cap) and 27 more transactions you get 24,000 shares of Real Stock (REAXF). That is a lot of stock!

         Real Brokerage is already in 23 states and hopes to be in all 50 States by the end of 2021. Which probably means great growth in the company and stock. 

          The key as a real estate agent is making more income streams and brokerages that offer stock plans. 

           Join Real Brokerage with me and I will show you how I set up a marketing company that has generated 100+ deals for me 3 years running. I have most unique real estate methods that will get you results!

         Make 2021 the year you create massive business and income for your Real Estate Business.........


Let's get Coffee or Zoom Call and see how Real Brokerage works better for your business. Also see my Marketing System 

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