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Appreciation is crucial when you are buying real estate

When you are looking at any type of real estate whether to live or invest, you must have appreciation in order to create wealth. 

I see investors especially that purchase investment real estate and never consider their equity and if it will increase or not. Some just look at the income and ignore the area and what properties are actually selling for in that area. 

Some of my investors are deciding to sell their real estate during this hot market. What they paid and what they can get is a nice equity position. Click here to see my discount listing program 

There are other investors that call me to sell their real estate just so they can get out of it. They just looked at the income on the property and never took into consideration the quality of tenants or the appreciation. 

Having done investment real estate myself since 1985 I know how important it is to purchase real estate in better locations. It makes all the difference in the world to the bottom line. 

Need to get your portfolio looked at and creating more income...
Call me I'm Brett Real Brokerage 216-703-5740 or Email Me By56083@gmail.com 

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