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Cleveland Real estate outside the box

 Real Estate out of the box is how you get better real estate and get more of it. There is so many different ways to look at real estate. In today's new real estate market you have to be outside the box to understand how you buy, sell and lease real estate. 

For example before there was a tight real estate inventory it was pretty easy to find a good investment home to buy. Fast forward until today and that is not the case. I had to reinvent the way I looked at real estate, and I had to think outside the box.

That is a common term, but most people do not actually do it. I do and assist my clients on getting really good real estate. Every real estate market requires a Realtor to look at every detail of a property. 

I have been doing investment real estate since 1985 and a Realtor since 2000, and have seen so many different real estate markets. All the homes make money if you can think outside the box and create income buying them. 

When I re started buying investment real estate I immediately knew all the key ingredients that an investor needed to be successful in buying income real estate. You needed an agent that had a resume and had done many deals. Every investors needs construction and maintenance crews for their real estate to keep them humming. 

Investors get before and after pictures along with update videos during their rehab process! That is another way I personally can communicate with my clients and keep them updated. 

I cannot do property management so Avalon Group Realty does it and according to my clients they are very satisficed with their services. 

Lastly as a Real Estate Agent I offer my clients a special listing service that saves them money and gets their home sold quickly for top dollar.  My listing service is at http://listingyourhomeonmls.com/ . The listing service has been a huge success and more importantly my clients love it!

This is is how real estate is done outside the box. There are also many other services that I did not mention...If you need real estate outside the box please call me 216-703-5740 I'm Brett Real Brokerage or you can email me at By56083@gmail.com  

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