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Real estate: Cleveland Ohio is Point of Sale Cities Good or Bad?

Cleveland Ohio is still a very affordable place to live. According to the MLS the average price of a home is $176,091. More luxury homes can get up a lot, but good real estate is still very affordable. 

Buying, Selling and leasing 100's and 100's of homes I see that there are better trending areas than others in Cleveland Ohio Metro. I see some areas that are creating better equity positions and others that are not.

Most of the Point of Sale mandatory cities are not seeing the value increase on their residential real estate as the cities that do not have it. Point of sale adds a lot of extra cost to the buyers and sellers on a home purchase.

I am currently selling a few and it is taking a lot of extra work in order to sell these properties. The sellers are not happy to have this extra cost. One crack in a driveway can cost thousands of dollars. One of my sold properties has to put in a brand new driveway in order for the seller to be able to sell the home.  That driveway will cost at least $6000 to replace.

In Bedford Ohio where the Point of Sale was cancelled, we are seeing many more homeowners moving into  the city and less rentals making property values go up. In fact according to the MLS homes sold in the mid $80,000 range in 2019. Today the average price is $120.000 for a home in Bedford Ohio. That is a 33% increase in home sale prices.

That is why it is so important to use a licensed Real Estate Agent that understands the city codes and the home sells in the area. 

That is what I do for my Investors and Home Buyers. I always am looking for the best places to create great living and wealth.

I'm Brett 216-703-5740 Real Brokerage or Email By56803@gmail.com 

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