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It’s not about “settling” for less

Settling for less in life can be no FUN. I was talking to a recently divorced guy that was settling for less. After I talked to him he was ready to go. I gave him a roadmap of how he could start rebuilding. 

That is why I became a Realtor to build a roadmap for investors to succeed. Just yesterday I sold a duplex in Ohio City that my client had purchased from me 10 years ago for $9800. The real estate market was completely different then and we thought that this would be a great buy! 

He let it cash flow and then wanted to sell it because the real estate market has gone up a lot! We SOLD the property for $150,000. He had put some money into rehab over the 10 years, but he made a lot of money leasing and selling this property.

That is why my clients do not settle for less than the Realtor they deserve to represent and handle their investment real estate needs. I handle a lot of international and out of state investors. I have unique serves that keep their real estate producing income and growing in equity. 

Today I visited 6 homes that were being rehabbed and videoed each one of them so I could send the video to the Client to review.  This keeps them updated and comfortable with the process. That is just one of many of my unique real estate services I give my clients. 

Why settle for less? Call me I'm Brett 216-703-5740 or Email me by56083@gmail.com. Let me get you out of just settling. 


Brett Young
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