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U.S. Housing Market Needs 5.5 Million More Units, Says New Report


​This report talks https://newsportaldaily.com/ about the need for new home builds because of the lack of home availability.  ​

"New-home development surged within the early 2000s amid housing growth. Then constructing exercise slumped through the 2007-09 recession and stayed low for years as builders went out of enterprise and employees left the trade"

​Remember the fences that were around new home subdivisions?  ​They basically stopped building median priced homes.

​With over 5 million homes that need to be built it will take a lot of time to get back to a normal market. The market should be hot through 2022 in the united states

The key to any type of real estate success in buying a home now is getting a seasoned agent in a local market. The agent needs to have systems to find new real estate and systems that handle all the paperwork involved to get each deal done.

​With these low levels of properties that are available on the open market, home buyers and investors need to get an edge in purchasing the best real estate. ​

​That is the system that me and my team have.​ Not just getting any type of real estate but the best deals on and off the market. 

​With such a shortage of homes please do not settle for just buying anything. Call me first. 
​Call 216-703-5740 that's me (Brett) or Text "info" to 216-455-5264

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