Success in Real Estate What is it?

 Success the definition can be so many things and is very personal to each individual and what they think success is. This blog is for Realtors and what my personal belief for success is in that realm. 

Everyone wants to be the biggest and the best Realtor in their areas. I see a lot of very good agents that get awards and they deserve it. Awards sometimes help agents understand why they work so hard for their business.

I took a 30 day course in 2000 from Anthony Robbins that really helped me understand what was needed to have success in my eyes. It changed the way I looked at life and how I should look at my thought process.

After taking that course I decided to implement the ideas that the 30 day course gave me. Basically nothing was impossible and if you really put your mind to anything you could do it. 

Many 100's of homes later and I know now that it works. To me success was not worrying about my next commission check. Creating services that gave my clients service that was hard to find and to actually follow through and stick with it,

Today I have a great Real Estate Business that has created a lot of great income for clients. I have also created a listing system that saves my clients money on commissions and gets properties sold at top dollar.

Learning the internet and marketing over the last 22 years has also created a way to get success and help other potential clients and agents get involved and improve their lives.

To me success is having a good life and helping others also have that same life. That is why I am starting a team to help Realtors have more success and how to get there. If your interested please get in touch

Want success call me (Brett) 216-703-5740 Fathom Realty or Text "Success" to   +12164555264

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