Reasons why I Love doing Real Estate

There are so many reasons why I love real estate that I will not be able to buy some of my best ones.

I was listening to a podcast last week that said that you needed 5 million dollars in stocks to retire comfortably. That is a lot of cash and stock value to get in a lifetime. Stocks can go up or down according to the company. Stocks can also vary on dividend disbursement amounts.

Basically with stocks somebody else makes all the decisions that could affect your dividend check every year.

Real Estate really gives you all the control and if purchased correctly a consistent monthly income. Basically good buying, leasing and property management can make you a great return.

Even when real estate values were going south investors still had their rental income. 

Today real estate is running on all cylinders and making great income and equity. My clients have seen great returns and consistent income. I have had a few investors that decided to sell their properties and make great money on the equity positions they have. 

That is why I love real estate. It can make regular everyday people a lot of money. It gives investors both freedom and a good life if they purchase the correct real estate. 

It has made me a great living and I enjoy helping clients with their portfolios and creating income. 

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