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Getting Results is not only important it is crucial to your success in Real Estate

It amazes me that people do not even check the resumes of people that are setting up their portfolios. You can almost always know how good someone is by checking their resume and how they are performing with the properties they have.  Let's face it you are spending a lot of money and the expectations are that you will make some money too. 

Far too often I see real estate that is not performing for investors.  When you're selling an investment property  that is also a different type of sale. As a Realtor you need experience in dealing with these types of properties  For example I am selling properties for investors that need some detailed attention. The property has some unfinished business with the city or needs the contractor to finish up with their rehab. 

It can get tricky and expensive if you do not have the right Realtor to assist you with all these issues.   An investor called me and has a ton of vacant real estate, they needed help getting their portfolio moving. The issue was with their management company. The construction and or leasing of the home was not up to the property owners standards. They decided to hire me and I took care of getting their real estate performing.  

Knowing a resume of who you are dealing with is easy. Have them send you at least 10 examples of real estate they have done successfully. Make sure that you are using a licensed Realtor also. A seasoned investment Realtor can make all the difference in your portfolio being a successful one.  

There you have it check the companies resume of success in their clients real estate performance. It can make or break your portfolio. Use a Licensed Realtor that has experience in your properties local area.  

If you need a seasoned Realtor and are having some issues with your real estate in Cleveland Ohio or Phoenix Az areas please call me (Brett) 216-703-5740 Fathom Realty or just sign in below. 


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