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The Housing Market Forecast for the Rest of 2021, According To Realtors

 The housing market for the rest of 2021 from my Realtors brain and what I am seeing in the Cleveland and Arizona Real Estate market. 

The market always changes a bit when the kids go back to school and people are taking that last summer vacation. That did not happen in 2020 because of Covid. Basically no one was allowed to get out of their home or area in a lot of cases.

 Fast forward to Sept 2021 and most states are having public schools open and people are vacationing again. That was why there was a bit of a slow down in the last part of August, 

There is still a high demand for people needing homes to lease and purchase. Last week I had 4 homes to lease and they all got leased. I added a listing in tremont that sold in 1 day for $440,000. 

Real estate is in high demand and we still have a housing shortage in the Ohio and Arizona market. That means it is still a sellers market and will continue to be that until rates go up and or inventory goes up.

Remember 2006-2016 there just where not hardly any new medium priced homes built because of the economy and the new regulations for builders at the time. Most builders built luxury homes where they could make some profit. 

In 2016 builders started to build medium priced homes again and are still catching up to the demand. Imagine not building a medium priced car for 10 years YIKES we might all be riding bicycles. 

If you are needing to sell a property check out my Flat Fee Listing Programs in Ohio and Arizona, It is still a great time to buy or sell a home. 

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