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Beware of Greedy Agents when selling your home

When you are listing a home you need to ask your Realtor about the buyers agent and listing agents commission split. 

There are a lot of times when the listing agent is getting more commission than the buyer's agent. This can really hurt the sale of a property. Ethically a buyer's agent is not supposed to look at the commissions on a home. 

The issue is that every Realtor can see the commissions on a property in the MLS and it can sometimes affect the sale of a home. A Realtor may also say it is not worth the time to show a home at that commission. You have to remember there is Gas and time involved. 

The key in listing a home is to make it look like the best property available and pay the buyer's agent the regular splits. The client should be a Realtors main concern and getting their clients property sold is one of them. 

I have always made sure never to discount a buyer's agent's commissions because I want to get my listings sold ASAP.  This also motivates more Realtors to show the home and work harder to get their clients through the home.  

Get with a professional that understands how to sell Real Estate and uses the seller's money wisely. 

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