Creating Longevity in Real Estate Investing

This is a nice income generating and equity building home that has performed great for our client. We purchased this property in 2020 and leased it in Sept 2020. The property was leased for $1300 a month and this tenant is still there paying rent. 

This property has almost no repairs(Since it was updated) and has generated consistent income because it is in a great location. The key to success in these kinds of properties is location. You need to have quality tenants that can pay higher rents. 

To get those higher rents you need the best locations. Homes people want to live in and homes that people have to live in have a vast difference in the rental amounts you can get.

Here is some of the reporting that we did for a client while we were doing the construction and finishing the property. 

We also give all our clients a weekly video on the property during rehab. 

Taking care of clients and their investment real estate needs is what we do. This property is just one of the 100's of properties we do and have success with for our clients.

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