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How to know your will have passive income with real estate

I see advertisements for investing in real estate all the time, and they only talk about what they can buy real estate for. There is so much more to investing or buying real estate than just closing a deal. Let me go over a few other items that need to be considered when purchasing an income or investment property. 

1. What happens after you purchase a property? If you do not live in that area how can you know with certainty that your property is being taken care of. Sure they can call you and email you but is that all you need?

2. Property Management is another key issue when purchasing any income property. That can make or break your investment in many ways. Maintenance, Paying Tenants, Availability, and just keeping the property creating income. Remember the big money is really gone after the purchase. Property management is lower paying and usually the management has a ton of properties they are already managing. How are they going to manage your property?  

3. Is the property you are purchasing in an area that the housing prices are trending upward? You can usually get a good idea of that based on the rents that can be had on a property. The lower the rents the worse the area probably is. Better areas get better rents. 

4. Checking out a company or person's resume may also be a good thing. How long have they been in the business? How many properties have they done? How do they communicate with you during the process? Information on their property management and how many homes they manage? 

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