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How to Lease Properties Quickly and for Top Dollar



I was listening to a podcast yesterday and there were agents that chatted about how to lease homes. There was a lot of good information from the podcast.

 Leasing 50-70 properties a year I have learned that you have market the home in a lot of different venues. I personally always go to the MLS for several reasons.

 1. The MLS Automatically post to 100's of other websites for potential tenants to see the property. This gives the property owners better choices on who they want to put in their unit.

 2. The other reason to add each property to the MLS is to create a history for other agents to be informed on rent amounts in a certain area. Realtors have always been on the forefront of getting great values for homeowners and landlords.  MLS is a great audited website for correct information on local rental markets.

     This gives the Realtor the tools to know the value of a property in rent and have the best representation for their client or clients.

  Getting a walk through video for each rental listing is crucial also. YouTube is Free and I get walk through videos on all properties. This allows me to add the video to the listing and text it to potential tenants. 

   The MLS also allows me to do Open Houses and get that information out to the public. Instead of showing one person at a time (which I never do) I have many people come. Just last night 8 groups came to one of my listings and the home was leased! 

    The application the management wanted is online and the applications were directly emailed to each potential tenant that asked for one at the showing. 

   Being a Realtor and using a Realtor to lease homes is the best way for any Landlord to get more potential tenants, Quality Tenant, and Top rents.

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