How Do Real Estate Commissions Work?

There are so many emotions with some investors and home buyers about commissions paid on a Real Estate transaction. Here is what you need to know about paid commissions and why it is still the best value in real estate.

According to Glassdoor the average salary for Realtors in Cleveland Metro is $30,000-$130,000. When you consider the brokerage splits, License fees, state fees, marketing and all the other overhead items that a Realtor needs to succeed that is not a lot of money.

When there is any real estate transaction there can be issues that need to be addressed to get a property closed on time. I deal with international real estate investors and there are certain items that need to be shipped and notarized across the water. 

Also when a contract is accepted the buyer and seller need to understand all the cost involved. Realtors have the tools to get their client the projected cost of buying or selling their property.

Inspections and disclosures are usually always included in each listing to help the buyer understand the home even better. Contracts, Disclosures are all there to protect homeowners. 

When there is an issue on a closing Realtors really earn their keep. I just had a very hard closing that included all the parties in the transaction. I solved the issue and the property is closing. There would be no way that transaction would have closed without Realtor intervention. 

There is also drive time and having the connections to help clients save money on items. For example I sold a home for a client which purchased a fixer upper that had a bad basement. He got a quote that was high. I let him know the company I use and it saved him $4,000. I also saved that client $4800 with my Premium Flat Fee Listing.

Most seasoned Realtors are worth every dime they are paid because of their knowledge and experience in keeping the real estate market moving. It also helps home buyers and sellers buy  their properties with confidence. 

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